Can I change the colour of all of the existing designs?

Most of the designs can be changed. Some of them can only have their background colour changed. ‘Fingerprint Tree’ is the only existing design where the colours cannot be adapted.

Can I add more cards to my chosen existing design invitation?

Existing designs consist of four cards that make up the invitation: A front page with the main details, a second card with extra information, a third card detailing your thoughts on wedding gifts and a final card which is the RSVP. If you would like any further cards there will be an added design fee and the cost of the invitation set will be slightly more. 

I really love one of the existing designs and I would like to order invitations and some 'on the day items' as well. I can't see any examples of a table plan or order of service etc, does that mean they're not available to order?

It just means they haven't been created yet, but if you are interested in ordering 'on the day items' such as a table plan, table numbers etc, as well as invitations - just ask! I would be more than happy to design them for you in keeping with the existing designs prices. You will not incur a bespoke design fee as the design would be available to other couples.

Do you do 'pocket-fold' invitations?

I do not offer pocket-fold invitations; it is important to me that all of my designs reflect my style - sweet little packages tied up with string.

Who writes the guests' names on the invitations, ties them up and writes addresses on the envelopes?

You do! Whether or not you choose an existing design or the bespoke option, your invitations will be sent to you ready to write and with string/ribbon ready to tie. This helps to maintain the very personal quality of my designs. I will include one made up invitation package with your delivery so you can see how I would suggest wrapping it up.

I would like to go for the bespoke option and I have found this design that I really like - could you copy it for me?

I love to have lots of ideas from my clients but I completely respect my fellow artists and will not copy somebody else's artwork. I will create something entirely unique for you.


Can I have the digital file and print the invitations myself?


I'm afraid not - I need to ensure the consistent quality of my product.